"Snuggle into Snugglins"  

How Snugglins Came to Be

Posted on April 28, 2015

When my second child came along I would ask him the same question, "What was it like in Mommy's belly?"  His answers were never as poignant as my firsts, but he did become very attached to the idea of getting BACK in my belly, which would constitute climbing under my robe ...or shirt ...or sweater. Over time, and after too many nature programs, he began to call the process of climbing under my shirt "Getting in my pouch"

"Mama, I wanna get in your pouch," he'd say.

It was all fun and games, literally, until he started to get entirely too big. One day, with his huge two and a half year old head poking out from under my robe I said a loud, "I need to make you a pouch you can get in!"

And there it was. I thought, "Hey, why not! If I make a bean bag kangaroo and attach a blanket in the shape of a pouch, he can snuggle into that."

So I ran out, bought a blanket the color of a grey kangaroo, and made him his own "pouch".

And while I was sewing what has now become the mascot of Snugglins, the ideas began to pour in, for all the other creatures anyone would love to snuggle into...and Snugglins was born.

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Posted on April 22, 2015
My older brother told me, children remember things when they're young, for two years...then they start to forget. So when my first was almost two, I asked him if he remembered being in my belly. I was pretty sure he wouldn't even know what I meant. Instead, he said, matter of factly "Yes."
I said, "Really?! What was it like?"
"It was dark...and I was screamin' to get out"
Whoa. How amazing would it be if he really remembers?!

Bless his little heart.

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